Spinal Decompression

An Overview of Spinal Decompression from Coosaw Chiropractic

The spine provides the body with a tremendous amount of flexibility and stability in addition to protecting the spinal cord. Therefore, it is important for everyone to make sure that they take care of their spine. That is where we can help. At Coosaw Chiropractic, we are here to serve the individuals and families of Ladson, Summerville, and North Charleston, SC. We provide chiropractic care from a trained chiropractor. There are several treatment options that we can provide and one of the most important is called spinal decompression. There are a handful of key points that patients and families need to know about this procedure.


What is Spinal Decompression?

When someone arrives for a session involving spinal decompression, we are going to review the procedure and answer any questions or concerns. Then, the patient will lay on a flat table. After this, traction will be applied to stretch the spine ever so slightly. The goal of spinal decompression is to slightly increase the amount of space between the vertebrae of the back. This provides the muscles, ligaments, and tendons with more room to operate. This can go a long way toward helping someone with back pain that could arise due to a wide variety of conditions.

What Conditions Spinal Decompression Can Help?

There are a few situations in which we might recommend spinal decompression as a treatment option. In addition to playing a role in helping someone with the alignment of their vertebrae, we can also use spinal decompression to help patients who might have developed a herniated disc. If one of the discs in the back has ruptured, the vertebrae might be sitting on top of each other, rubbing together. We can use spinal decompression to fix this issue.

Also, we can use spinal decompression to help people who are suffering from a pinched nerve. Sometimes, the nerves end up getting compressed as they leave the spine. We can use spinal decompression to increase the amount of space around the nerves in the spine. This will alleviate the pressure and fix the pinched nerve. Trust us to help you!

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