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Neck Pain Relief for Ladson, Summerville, and North Charleston SC

When you have constant or recurring neck pain, you may find it impossible to concentrate on anything except that particular agony. Pain stemming from the cervical spine or its surrounding tissues can keep you from working, driving, sleeping, or generally living a productive life. If you thought that your only solutions were surgery or painkillers, think again. Coosaw Chiropractic offers non-invasive, non-chemical neck pain relief for neck pain sufferers in Ladson, Summerville, and North Charleston, SC.


Figuring Out Your Neck Pain Problem

Neck pain may occur for all kinds of reasons. An acute case of neck pain may stem from a strained muscle or other soft tissue damage. For instance, the violent head and neck motions related to an auto collision can cause painful neck injury known as whiplash. Ongoing neck pain can also occur due to chronic strain. Text neck, in which poor neck posture (from constantly stooping over a smartphone), is a common example in today's high-tech world. A longstanding imbalance between the skull and the neck can place your neck muscles under unremitting stress.

In many cases, the cervical spine is the source of neck pain. A severe case of whiplash may actually push the cervical vertebrae out of their normal curvature. Less dramatically, degenerative problems in the cervical spine can gradually produce ever-increasing chronic pain. Issues such as bulging discs and cervical spondylosis can leave you with an arthritic neck, sometimes accompanied by neuropathy in an upper limb. An uncorrected neck alignment problem can cause or worsen cervical spinal issues.

Non-Invasive Answers from Dr. Michael Tresnicky

You'll be happy to learn that many cases of neck pain can be alleviated or controlled through non-invasive treatment methods. Our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Tresnicky, can analyze your neck alignment, study your spinal vertebrae via X-rays, and consider your everyday posture and lifestyle to pinpoint the origins of your neck trouble. we can then prescribe a holistic treatment program, which may include a combination of:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to your cervical spine, which can relieve imbalances and improve joint function
  • Massage therapy to relax neck muscles and help damaged muscles heal
  • Corrective exercises to help you build neck strength and stability
  • Lifestyle changes to help you mind your posture more effectively and avoid unnecessary neck strain

Does Your Neck Need a Chiropractor? Call Coosaw Chiropractic Today

Coosaw Chiropractor knows how to deal with neck pain. If you're seeking natural solutions in Ladson, Summerville, or North Charleston, SC, call our office today at (843) 767-0080. We want to help you get back to a happy, comfortable life!


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